The beauty of life

I sit here and look out of my window. A plethora of yellow flowers nods in greeting. I am in a room bathed in light. Upstairs there is a window looking out to sea. The pellucid light dances everywhere.

Inside the house, the atmosphere is one of deep welcome infused with joy. There are daily exploratory conversations which stimulate the senses. Everyone plays their part and serves one another.

Beauty is interwoven in the house. The beauty of family life, of careful design, using space, light and colour. There is thought behind every nook and cranny.

The welcome infuses itself into the love dishes prepared each evening. The meals are cooked with tender care and the food tastes of love. Eating the meals is a small touch of heaven.

Nothing is mediocre here, nothing is wasted. All is special and carefully done. This is how life can be lived.

This is my holiday home and I am truly deeply grateful to experience the glorious beauty of life here X


  1. I am delighted and warmed by this post and your previous Starjumping one, Hope! Your Holiday Home sounds like the best and most appropriate form of retreat space and Refreshment Dwelling that you could ever want and I am so happy that this is available for you and you for it.

    In my middle years I had the dream that I wanted to run a non-denominational retreat house, a place of healing and restoration in which hospitality and generosity featured. As time went by I knew that at a practical level I was ill-equipped to be that host, to open up with that generosity. Yet it sounds that for you, your host is providing just such a welcome and that s/he has the great joy of seeing your appreciation of this. I would love to know more about how you found such a sanctuary and how you relate to the person or organisation that welcomes you.

    For my own part, my journey continues into making my complex, multilayered dream – vision, even – a reality in my life. And that includes being kind to myself and respecting my own needs, including for space and time by myself, something I had always feared but in which I now find deep wellsprings of healing and creative recovery. I am making myself a retreat sanctuary for my own soul.

    Many blessings to you as you continue to be nourished and to turn towards investigating what your deep needs are, that need to be met if you are to continue such an active role in serving others. Bless you and love to you xxx

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    1. Thank you dear Writing Presence for your, as always, amazingly profound insight and comments. I feel you are a true kindred spirit. I have indeed been finding absolute deep wells of refreshment. I am in Aberporth Wales, which is in itself an oasis of beauty.

      The place where I am staying is not officiually a retreat house. I am with friends, however they offer a ‘Good Samaritan Inn’, which is a refuge from the battle weary. I have come to replenish my soul and it is working,. And a two year old joyous child is adding to the mix.

      I am very interetsde to read about your journey. I will be checking in with your amazing blog and catching up. I love the way you write and see the world. You are a poetess. I am so pleased that you have found healing because true deep inner healing helps us become the best versions of outselves.

      Thank you. I am experiencing blessings for the first time in a long time of wilderness wandering. I want to share on the vblog about my view of a return to a tribal culture, where individualism is not a centrifugal force.

      Thank you again for commenting. I love your engagement with my blog and wish you every success in your own blogging journey Love Hope XXX


      1. Deep thanks for this, my friend. Your words bring great joy to me this shining day in Brora (where the sun has just emerged after a week of grey mists).

        I feel honoured that we share this journey, yes a journey into increasing connection … Relating as kindred, clan, tribe, inclusive community.

        May your process of refreshment, rejuvenation, invigoration continue! In my experience there are oases in the wilderness – veritable gardens of renewal where we can rest and be nourished – and where better to start this exploration than in the child-wildness of freedom of spirit?

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      2. Absolutely! I am being restored and replenished. I so enjoy our writing connectedness and kindred spiritness. Thank you for following and empathically encouraging me. These have been difficult and dark days but you help me to keep walking on.


  2. Have a great holiday Melody xx

    Thank you Helen xx


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