Lessons from the potty

I am learning through the lens of my two year old goddaughter this week. She is potty training. But I don’t want to speak much about that. What I want to share is lessons learnt from a book about potty training (Glowacki, J,. 2015).

Glowacki informs us that potty training comprises blocks of learning. This is training. And I love this concept. Life is about blocks of learning. We learn and sometimes we have accidents or make mistakes. And that’s okay.

We can be so exacting on ourselves as individuals. I watched some of the recent Olympics and the most memorable moment of all for me was when one athlete threw a discus and it hit the net. I loved that. Because even athletes of Olympic standard make mistakes.

Tribal living (more of that in a future post), is about support and learning from one another. Lessons are a shared experience and there is no shame. Just support.

I have become fascinated by the concept of potty training. So many aspects to it. And at the end of the day, a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!


Glowacki, J., (2015). Oh Crap! Potty Training. Croydon: CPI Group Ltd.


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