Starjumps and letting it go

I have been learning about the healing power of a two year old child. My godaughter, who shall remain nameless for privacy reasons, is an absolute star. Only she could have her godmother doing star jumps for over and hour and running around in circles, singing and dancing to that famous song from the movie that so many girls love.

It is beautiful to see the love in a child’s eyes and hear your name called in a way that shows they are excited to see you. For someone who hasn’t always felt that special, it is an absolute gift. Hugs, laughter and telling me she is happy and wanting to spend time with me makes me feel on top of the world.

Does anyone else know this wonderful experience? I haven’t any children of my own and it is also a gift for my goddaughter’s parents to allow me to share time with their precious daughter.

From all this I have begun to see that so much in life is special that may seem simple. Spending time with a tiny human has shown me that the world is truly a magical place. Sparkling bags, trying on necklaces and outfits, tomatoes, strawberries, avocado, all are greeted with excitement.

Thank you to my goddaughter for giving me the gift of life’s magic. If life is stale, then maybe look through the lens of a child. It totally blows you away!

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