Onwards and upwards and be magnificent

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Queen Elizabeth II

Someone said this to me recently and it kind of stuck. I have been pondering these words and this is going to be my mantra for 2022. However it is all very well saying something, but how do we achieve it? Magnificence doesn’t just happen. So let’s unpick this together.

So, what does magnificent mean? To my mind, the word conveys a sense of wonder, majesty and awe, like attending a royal pageant, or the Trooping of the Colour. I imagine myself taking a sharp intake of breath as I watch and there is also a sense of eager anticipation in the time leading up to the event. Like a wedding (hope you are reading Helen, this will be you!)

So what does the word magnificent mean? There are two definitions, reflecting the lovely shades and hues of the word:

extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive.”a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains”synonyms:splendid · spectacular · impressive · striking · glorious · superb 

·very good; excellent.”she paid tribute to their magnificent efforts”synonyms:admirable · fine · great · wonderful · notable · masterly · skilful · virtuoso · splendid · excellent · impressive · coruscating · marvellous · tremendous

Leading on from this, how then does one become magnificent? I don’t usually describe people as magnificent and I thought of using an example of someone who is magnificent. The one person who comes to mind is the Queen. And this is why I have chose her.

Queen Elizabeth II has served the country of England dutifully over 50 years of service. She faithfully remains in her office, even though she is 90. She is a figurehead for the nation. She engages people and is loved by many many people. She commands respect. She is extremely hard working and faithful to her role. Yes my version of magnificence is the British Queen.

So how can we achieve magnificence in our own lives? I imagine most of us are not in royal circles, although some may be. Now I want to look at another magnificent person who decided to do his bit.

Wikipedia informs that:

Captain Sir Thomas Moore (30 April 1920 – 2 February 2021), more popularly known as Captain Tom, was a British Army officer and fundraiser who made international headlines in 2020 when he raised money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic. He served in India and the Burma campaign during the Second World War, and later became an instructor in armoured warfare. After the war, he worked as managing director of a concrete company and was an avid motorcycle racer.

On 6 April 2020, at the age of 99, Moore began to walk 100 lengths of his garden in aid of NHS Charities Together, with the goal of raising £1,000 by his 100th birthday on 30 April. In the 24-day course of his fundraising, he made many media appearances and became a popular household name in the UK, earning a number of accolades and attracting over 1.5 million individual donations. In recognition of his efforts, he received the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award at the 2020 ceremony. He performed in a cover version of the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” sung by Michael Ball, with proceeds going to the same charity. The single topped the UK music charts, making him the oldest person to achieve a UK number one.

On the morning of Moore’s 100th birthday, the total raised by his walk passed £30 million, and by the time the campaign closed at the end of that day had increased to over £32.79 million (worth almost £39 million with expected tax rebates). His birthday was marked in a number of ways, including flypasts by the Royal Air Force and the British Army. He received over 150,000 cards, and was appointed as honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College. On 17 July 2020, he was personally knighted by the Queen at Windsor Castle. He died on 2 February 2021 at Bedford Hospital where he was taken after being treated for pneumonia and then testing positive for COVID-19.

The amazing thing about Captain Moore was his humility and down to earth attitude to life and fame. I also observed a lovely twinkle in his eye when he answered questions on topics such as romance. I think he had a lovely sense of humour. He was in my opinion a true embodiment of magnificence.

So turning to myself, how do I apply the adage of: ‘onwards and upwards and be magnificent?’ Well. here are some thoughts for us all. As always, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I am particularly interested to hear from people from other nations.

  1. Show up. I think of the Queen and she rarely cancels her engagements. She always turns up. She is reliable
  2. Be someone people are excited to see. If we are always negative, complaining and sour, it may be that others do not want to see this. The most lovely people I know are not absorbed with their own worries and bring a sense of hope with them
  3. Do not be critical of others. In my head this is not magnificent. It isn’t pleasant to be around someone who berates other people, especially their friends. I then think “if you talk about your friends like that what will you say about me?”
  4. Create a sense of wonder. This can be by holding a lovely party or doing surprise things. Surprise your friends, be spontaneous. It is lovely to receive a card or a present. And be generous. I think this is a lovely way of creating magnificence.
  5. Magnificence takes time and practice. I was reading about Kate Middleton who has released some beautiful pictures to celebrate her 40th birthday. She has grown in magnificence. She has worked hard to develop into a magnificent royal, who will one day be a queen. I feel her road to magnificence has been paved with taking small steps and growing into the role.

So there are some initial thoughts. I am going to aim for magnificence in 2022. How about you?


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Image courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. I am glad that “splendid” appears in your list of synonyms for “magnificent”. I had a colleague who used to sign off conversations with “splendid!”, which used to give me a sense of self-worth. And many years later, I have a great “Buddhist Buddhie” who calls me “the splended Kathy”. Admittedly, only some of the time. She also calls me “Bonkers!” and that’s rather nice too.

    I just looked up the derivation of “magnificent” and, as I guessed, ithe word hinges around the “doing” of “great deeds/actions”, so your examples of magnificent people – sho walk their talk – are spot on.

    When I looked up “splendid” there was more emphasis on “shining”, Being good enough just by being there. So there is hope too for those of us who are “wearied by much doing” and to whom the achievements of our Queen, or Captain Moore, are not an option…

    Thanks for the opportunity to thing about these things this morning, Hope!
    I trust that you are sowing the seeds for much magnificence and splendour…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kathy

      Thank you for your comments. As always, I love reading your interesting take on my blog. And thank you for sharing about the word “splendid too”. That is very much food for thought.

      I deliberately selected one royal and one ordinary person who became magnificent, simply by trying to raise a small amount of money. I think we all can be magnificent in our own sphere, or splendid. I feel the two are almost interchangeable.

      I would like to comment that in my eyes Kathy you are a magnificent blogger. Your posts are beautiful and you encourage me greatly by responding to my blogs. so everyone check out the magnificent blog of Kathy (Writing Presence).

      And may I take this opportunity to wish you a magnificent and splendid year ahead. Hope X


      1. Thank you, dear Hope. Today you have splendidly improved the visitor numbers to my blog writingpresence.com

        I welcome anyone who wants to drop by for writing-for-wellbeing prompts and to wander in my poetic musings.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The wedding is going to be magnificent Melody and I am so glad you can share in our day.

    As always a very poignant writing and I especially agree with reference to the Queen, she has never run from her responsibility and she takes her job very seriously. She is an inspiration to us all and she works tirelessly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I am so looking forward to your magnificent wedding and sharing in the joy.

      Your blog (Lady D’s) is magnificent and so full of wonderful information on how to keep healthy in these dreadful times, both mentally and physically.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Melody, likewise I love your blog. It always gives you food for thought and looks into the psyche of the human mind and emotions.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Helen. I really appreciate that. And all the best with Lady D’s in 2022 X

        Liked by 1 person

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