Your bedtime impacts your blood sugar control and your responses to food the next day.

In the largest study of its kind, ZOE researchers and their colleagues found that your bedtime impacts your blood sugar control and your responses to food the next day“.

This fascinating study and associated podcast may be found at

The study suggests that going to bed earlier can have a very beneficial effect on pur long-term health.

Zoe is renowned for its scientific work on Covid, but is also a fascinating research platform.

I have found when I get loads of sleep before 12 pm, I feel very energised and different. Many times I have started to go to bed very early and simply read a book and chill for a while.

It is so easy to look at screens and phones ( actually I am doing this now oops!) att night, but it doesn’t help us relax or sleep. What really he;lps is putting our phones and laptops in a different room and unwinding, maybe reading a book.

The Zoe study also suggests that the quality rather than the quantity of sleep matters.

I don’t normally write about this kind of topic, however I thought this was so beneficial I wanted to share it.

Thanks so much to Zoe for their wonderful reasearch.

Please share any interesting studies you may have come across? Have you any tips on getting to sleep?

References (accessed 06/01/2022)

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