Creating meaning

Thinking outside the box #CreateMeaning
I wanted to share my thoughts around redefining work in a meaningful way. Sometimes the mundane creeps in and we feel stuck.

Sometimes work feels overwhelming or stressful. As a social worker, I think it is important to follow the fundamental principle of social work ethics and help others.

I also think asking questions about a job role is extremely important Am I enjoying this? And if not why? Is it a good fit? And if it isn’t maybe speak to your manager about a new role, take on extra responsibility or a new challenge.

When Covid hit I redefined my project through an experiment with a clothes rail. This has now mushroomed into the East Kent clothes bank and we work alongside the local authority, offering household goods and clothing. We support unaccompanied asylum seekers and looked after children as well as various people in our community who are vulnerable for various reasons such as homelessness.

This all came from an experiment. A decision to try something new. And it has revolutionised my role. I am so thrilled it has taken off. I love helping others. I love going to work.

If you are stagnating and can make changes in your workplace, now is a good time. The pandemic has shaken things so that old ways of doing ‘ normal are no longer needed in many senses. And a new ‘ normal’ paves the way for a new creation of what it means to be in the workplace.

We offer a free charity shop model but also a revolutionary approach to landfill, generating hardly any waste. Old broken baby toys are used for bird toys by one of our clients, who have made their feathered friends a paradise in their cafe with brightly coloured shape sorters., mirrors, plastic shapes and cranes.

I love being innovative. And in this pandemic the new and different approaches seem to be at the forefront. My advice is be brave, step out, embrace the new and take a risk. There is no harm in trying!


  1. Much liked this melodious article Hope – but perhaps I could only read it because (like you) I am a member of LinkedIn.

    Might you reach a wider audience if you integrate the text of your article into this, your WordPress blog?

    Sending love, and thanks for your poaitivity. And congratulations on the growth of your collaborative projects. elighted by the cunning use of broken baby toys to delight the birts at table!

    Perhaps your friend can supply you with a photo! And had you thought of publicising the project in the magazine Positive News?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your very kind and constructive comments.

      I think you are absolutely right. I will post the text in too.

      Sending love in return. I feel like I know you outside of the blogging sphere now. Thank you for your comments. Things do seem to be blossoming.

      I will publicise the project in that magazine as you suggest. Thank you X


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