The Big Shift

I wanted to share my experience during the pandemic. I am a qualified social worker and I was running groups for vulnerable adults.

Then Covid came and along with that came a big shift in my thinking. I was working alongside a foodbank and as an experiment I put out a rusty old clothes rail. Anyway the clothes went flying off the rail.

I soon realised that people, especially in Thanet where I live, are in financial trouble. People are struggling to afford basic things such as food and clothes. Many have no sleeping or cooking facilities.

We have now grown and are in the process of forming the East Kent Clothing Bank, covering Margate to Folkestone.

We have now helped over 2000 people and ran a very successful toy event last Christmas . Our clothes bank is outside and we offer clothes, bedding and household goods. We also provide things like prescription glasses which many are unable to afford.

Many of our homeless community come down and are offered advice and support as well as clothing. We try to give them clean underwear and socks too. We work with the local hygiene bank too, so free hygiene products can be given to women.

We also provide a man and van service and have delivered washing machines and sofas and fridges to families in need.

We aim to combat poverty and restore hope and dignity. This is pure social work.

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