Reframe, reframe, reframe!

I have ben thinking a great deal about the way we complain recently. I feel that sadly society has very much become focussed on what is negative (especially the media). I would love to read news which focuses on positive things rather on what has always gone wrong with the world. So today let’s explore this topic. I want to look at reframing ways of looking at things over the next few posts and today I want to discuss the issue of complaining.

When we complain to a company or organisation, there may be a representative of that company on the phone. They may have had six complaints already and may be feeling unwell, or having a bad day. I have sometimes felt extremely cross at a service I have received and have sometimes vented, as probably have most of us. But I am more and more starting to consider the effect my actions have on other people.

The statistics we read about rising energy costs and the effect it has on people are reflective of the people behind those figures. Many people are in low paid jobs and many people have had Covid and may have long Covid. Some customer services representatives or retail workers may be struggling financially and have in many senses been on the front line throughout the pandemic. and of course, not forgetting NHS staff and key workers, such as social workers.

So, I feel it is especially important in these challenging times, to be kind and notice when people do things well and thank them, even if they are just doing their job. There is a lot of suffering going on behind the scenes at the presnt time and I don’t want to add another blow to someone’s already rubbish day.

You may be thinkng I am saying don’t ever complain. I am not. I think the way we complain is very important and not making it personal when someone may be doing their best under challenging circumstances.

Let’s be kind and when we have done that, be kind. Love to you all X


  1. Two resources to share with you all today: one is a paper (also online) that publishes only positive stories and is well worth supporting

    The other is a song called Be More Kind, by Frank Turner (you can find it on youTube) and here are the lyrics, at

    Biologist, life-writing companion & poet, sharing ©writing our way whole at (and some cheeky poems)

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    1. Thank you as always for your support. I am really interested in those sites and will check them out. I am really excited that a positive news site actually exists!

      And followers Kathy is an excellent bloger, so please visit Writing Preesence!


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