If you are stuck, don’t stick at it

I recently learnt some major lessons. I moved and was in a place which I knew just didn’t feel right. It was okay, it just wasn’t the right environment. And I had been offered a place before.

Initially I thought it was important to stick with it. So I did and nothing changed. I lay in bed feeling not particularly happy and knew I wa stuck.

Eventually through a set of circumstances, I ended up in the place I was originally offered and have stayed there ever since. I am now in the right environment and am like a plant in the right soilk-thriving again.

This simple story has shown me two things

  1. There is a need to be in the right place
  2. Perseverance is sometimes not the right choice. Sometimes it i s simply that wer are on the wromg path.
  3. Change is a choice as is being stuck
  4. Humans like plants need to be in the right soil to grow and thrive

If you are4 in the wrong environment then maybe it is time to move. Life involves a series of choices and I wish you happiness as you pursue the best path for your life X



  1. Glad you are in a more comfortable, appropriate environment now, Hope! You can put down roots for stability and nourishment, and feel glad that you made a choice for change x

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I have transplanted and am able to put down roots again as you rightly say. My time of gentle healing has begun. I hope life is going well for you also XX


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