We reap what we sow

I have been listening to a podcast on hope and sowing, by Pastor Mark Finlay. This has made me reflect about the principles of sowing and reaping.

We live with the consequences of what we have chosen every day, This is part of life. Pastor Mark Finlay explains that what we sow into our lives builds up over time and develops into a habit, then ultimately that develops into our character.

A seed is a tiny thing in our hands. I have been given much seed in my life to sow; education, work opportunities, words. And my self question is: what have I done with what has been given to me? Have I wasted it? Have I sown it into my own life? The life of others?

A seed contains a tiny plant embryo as well as all of the nutrients an emerging plant needs to begin its growth cycle. In order for the plant embryo to become a plant, key environmental factors must be present when the seed is planted.

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I think that in order to grow into who we were made to be that we need to be in the right environment, with the right people around us. Seeds need fertile soil in which to grow. And we need to make the right choices.

I have been moved throughout my life by pavement dwellers. and I have often wondered how does someone end up living on the pavement? I used to speak to people on the streets and everyone has a story to tell. All these people were once babies and children. What led them to having no permanent home? Many faced battles with addictions or tragic losses or abuse and I would say some of them possibly made wrong choices in their lives. Although it needs to be said, that sometimes life just throws us too many painful balls and we are knocked over.

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But we can get up again. A woman I admire immensely is Joyce Meyer. Joyce was sexually abused by her own father and yet has become a highly influential speaker and author and is a wonderful example of someone who has sown good seeds throughout her life. Joyce does not let the past define her present. She is well worth listening too.

So today’s recipe of hope is to consider the seeds you have in your life and the harvest you are seeing. Is it one of peace and love and kindness? Or are you surrounded by things you don’t like? Consider the seeds you hold in your hand and how you may sow them in the future? If the environment you are in is not conducive to a fruitful life then perhaps consider changing things. It may mean some tough decisions. Last year I walked away from something that was starting to destroy me. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but possibly the best decision I have ever made.

May you reap a wonderful harvest as you sow good things into your life and the lives of those around you X

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