The Power of Ruthless Simplification

I like beautiful things. But for multifarious reasons I have needed to trim down my belongings and this has been a hard path. I was so reluctant to do this. However I have found that almost being forced into a corner regarding this has made me look at things in a different way.

As you wonderful readers are probably aware, I run a clothing bank and work with may people in difficult circumstances. One young homeless man said he could ask me to marry him yesterday, when I gave him a pair of jogging bottoms. And slowly amd surely, these encounters with many many people who have literally nothing, has changed me.

Can I part with this loved item? If I am not using it then yes I can. Posseszsions are of course needed, but in a world where many are in dire poverty and yes in the UK this is definitely true, can I share with others-yes?

I went off the charity shop model many years ago, because I felt they were overcharging. I hope this doesn’t cause offence, but many shops are extremely cheap and thus I find the charity shop market far too pricey.

So we run our clothing bank on the principle of a free shop. And now I question what I own and why. If I don’t love it then perhaps it is time to say goodbye.

A few thoughts for the Bank Hoilday. Please let me know what you think. Radical simplification has made me feel freer and I never thought this would happen. I feel less overwhelmed by objects and more in control. And I have only just started.

Thank you for reading. I wish you a beautifiul day and weekend, wherever you are in the world X