Journey Into Hope day 10

Well what an amazing couple of days I have had in Port Macquarie. I have had much time to reflect and absorb the language of hope.

I am hopeful because yesterday there were two thunderstorms here and I got absolutely drenched! Weather can change life can change, I can change.

I went to visit the amazing koala hospital in Port Macquarie yesterday. Those beautiful animals stirred the hearts of everyone watching them. So gorgeous and resilient.

I was also deeply touched by the volunteers who give their time and love to serve these furry ones. Incidentally, a baby koala is called a Joey.

In many ways I relate, last year I felt my fur was badly burnt and my environment was razed to the ground. However after fire, new growth can come and a fresh start and that is where I am headed now.

I am so hopeful and more positive than I have ever been before. I am trying new things and the focus on hope has helped buffer negative events.

So on day 10 of my journey, my hope recipes are: commenting with animals, koalas, beautiful places and concentrating on being hopeful.

I wish you all a peaceful week X