The Kindness Diaries Day 1

Welcome everyone to 2023. So, I am planning to share about kindness over the next 364 days. I welcome any fellow bloggers who have written about kindness to get in touch-I will happily promote your blog.

So today is just a simple one. Small acts of kindness add up! Just to add a bit of context to the post, I have been very unwell over this Christmas season, starting on Boxing Day. A nasty virus has beset me and I am now, finally, slowly but surely on the road to recovery.

And the kindness I want to share about has been like a candle in a darkened room. My dear mum has been incredibly kind-going to get me throat sweets when it was dark and cold outside, making me a lovely toasty hot water bottle. Saying prayers that I get better. Coping with me coughing and coughing as we watch a film together and ignoring some of the weird noises that result! And one of the loveliest things she has done was making me a jelly, as I haven’t been able to keep solid food down.

Incidentally my mum is 81 and looks about 30 years younger. In fact the chemist was staggered when she collected my prescription-having gone to two previous places which had run out of antibiotics.

I think that kindness is particularly poignant when we are vulnerable and weak. It doesn’t have to be huge and dramatic, but the small soft acts fall gently like snow and transform the landscape. I have laid in bed with my lovely hot water bottle and thanked God for my mum and her kind heart.

Please let me know any kindness you have experienced. I want this to be an interactive page and will post about people who have shown kindness to others, because we all need to be kind, especially in these trying times.


Being Kind to ourselves

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Today is something a bit different. Some days are harder than others. So today I wanted to share this excellent podcast with you.

Today’s recipe of hope is this: to be compassionate to yourself in whatever form that takes; a walk, a bar of chocolate. a glass of wine, a candle lit bath. And you might find this talk helpful-I certainly did! The talk is available on Spotify to.

Be kind to yourselves everyone X