Hope 2017

‘So hope is a combination of setting goals, having the tenacity and perseverance to pursue them and believing in our own abilities, Hope is Plan B ‘ Brenee Brown Daring Greatly p. 240

In 2017 I set up a website called Hope 2017, a Facebook page, via a friend’s website,  specifically to help offer hope to people who may be feeling hopeless and encourage people to consider how to help those, especially men, at risk of suicide.

Posts On Hope 2017

February 18th 2017

Egg of Hope 2017

There are sadly many people who for one reason or another have ended up on the street. Many are men and considering the male suicide rate is the biggest killer of men aged between 20-49 years old this is very concerning, because these men are highly vulnerable.

It is likely that many of these men may have lost hope. One suggestion is to consider buying an Easter egg for a homeless person. It doesn’t cost much and may just brighten their day.

February 21st 2017

The film ‘Saving Mr Banks’ was the inspiration for my decision that in 2017 I would exchange my personal disappointment for hope. It is worth watching. It is not worth sentencing oneself to a life sentence of disappointment, however painful the past.

“At the same time, there was a big anti-stigma campaign, an effort to get the simple message out there that suicide prevention is everyone’s business and that talking about it is a good thing. There is this perception among people that goes: ‘if I ask somebody if they are suicidal, that will plant the idea in their head.’ There is no evidence for that at all. It does quite the opposite.”

This is taken from an article on what we can do to help in the male suicide crisis. The website is http://www.esquire.co.uk//a92/britain-male-suicide-crisis/

There is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. And if any of you men are in despair and reading this, please talk to someone. It is never too late for things to turn around and there is help out there.

And let us all watch out for each other, especially for men aged 20-49.

Why Are So Many Men In Britain Killing Themselves?

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