March into April

Today is April fools day. And I don’t want to play any tricks or tease you at all. I am amazed I managed to write almost every day last year; this year has been really busy as my work has been very full on. So I don’t write as much. I hope you enjoy the previous posts and the hope recipes have kept you going.

Sometimes life does not turn out as we expect and my lessons for this year are that we sometimes need to face head on the darkest and worst aspects of ourselves and deal with these. I have started to do this; face my most hidden places and tackle them.

In a pandemic, vulnerability is everywhere. People’s pain is spilling over; I see so many people ready to cry and also wanting the support of a listening ear. I work in the community and many are in hardship, However many are also offering great support and generosity to others.

As things ease slightly in the UK, I wonder how we will be in the ‘new normal’. My feeling is that we will all be different and hopefully much less self focussed, more community minded.

So my Easter thoughts are that as we head towards the Summer and sunshine, we are mindful of the sacrifices made by many and we take stock. Take stock and time to reflect on what is important. And be authentic and true to ourselves.

Hope of Easter

Today is Easter day, which is a wonderful day of hope and joy as Christians across the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ. And families enjoy chocolate and hunts for Easter eggs.

I this time of hibernation, Easter may look and feel different. There may be grief today in the face of loss, in the separation from family. However God’s comnfort is there for us all.

For those living in darkness, a great light has dawned. A light that shines in darkness, in pain, illuminating gloom. And a light that will light our future path. The light of the world.

I have thought greatly about faith during these dark days. I am praying for friends who have suffered tragedy. I have found a present hope in times of trouble and I hope to comfort others, with the comfort I have found to be true.

A relationship with a loving God is available to us all. I celebrate Easter because for me Jesus loved me enough to be nailed to a tree and bore my sins, so I could be forgiven. And this is a gift for us all.

So today’s recipe of Hope is to reflect on the Easter message. It is to reflect on Hope and to be still. It is to light a candle and say a prayer, or sit and watch the flame and consider what life means. It is to remember all the wonderful health professionals who have lost their lives; their courage and selflessness is the true spirit of Easter.

I pray you will have a richly blessed day X

Hope of tomorrow


Tomorrow is Easter Sunday; the most celebrated day in the Christian calendar. And for me, tomorrow is the epitome of hope. Because I believe that Jesus came back to life. So for me, Easter (tomorrow) represents Hope incarnate, which is the Hope of death being overcome, of evil overturned, of a promise that ‘all things work together for good for those who love God’.

There is far more to look forward to than Easter eggs and chocolate. There is a hope that things will get better; that there is a rainbow in the midst of all the tragedy, that even in pain God’s comfort shines through.

Today’s images represent light shining in darkness- the importance of speaking to pavement dwellers (taken prior to the pandemic) and the compassion that is shining through this Easter.

This compassion is everywhere; the food parcels dropped to people with learning difficulties that I speak with, the handmade Easter card that cheered someone up, my telephone call from my hairdresser who was thinking of me and so much more.

This Easter my egg is the gift of being alive, of having friends, of having parents who love me, of knowing I am safe and sleep in a bed, without needing to share my space with six others. It is a gift of living in the UK, a gift of freedom of speech and a gift of health. It is a gift of God.

Today’s recipe of hope is simply to consider your Easter gift beyond eggs. It is to consider resurrection;hope beyond the grave, eternal life. And if you do not have religious faith, it is to consider the true meaning of Hope in the midst of all this pain. Consider what Hope means to you; the kindness of others during these times and in past days. And if you are struggling, please ask for someone to help you.

I wish you all a truly blessed and hopeful Easter Sunday X