My ‘new normal’

In my opinion life as I knew it in 2019 when I was flying back from an amazing visit to Australia, will never return. Covid is a mutating disease, possibly dodging the vaccines we throw at it like some kind of ‘Sticky Monster’ game.

But that being said, it is possible to still be happy and still enjoy life, albeit in a far simpler way. I thought I would list the things I no longer do and now do and if you have any thoughts then please share. Life is shifting and changing, never the same. And a pandemic shifts us; our persepctive, our focus and values.

Here are my no longers:

I no longer us public transport if possible

I no longer go clothes shopping unless essential

I no longer use restaurants

And my changes:

More outdoor exercise, walking etc

I enjoy sitting in the garden

More time reading and thinking

Much simpler lifestyle and less emphasis on spending money to have fun

What does your new normal look like? And why is that?

Please share.

Most of all I refuse to let Covid ruin my life. Yes redefine but definitely not destroy

Have a good weekend and keep safe X

Many hope lessons in Covid

Today I am going to post twice, as I had a little break and this will cover the missing posts over the past four days. So I wanted to share about my Covid experience and hope lessons I have learned.

  1. Change direction.

The pandemic has brought many things to a grinding halt. This is really sad. However closed doors mean other doors can open. I will nevcer forget the experiment I did one day with a rusty clothes rail and a few second hand clothes. This was the beginning of the burgeoning enterprise that is now our clothing bank. I posted a while back on how big things start small and this is an example. We have a lovely team of volunteers and we are clothing many of the most vulnerable in our community.

2. Be brave

I think changing direction takes courage. It is hard sometimes to say farewell to an old path, but is is necessary. Life is about twists and turns and transitions. Be courageous and take that step towards a new challenge. And don’t look back.

3. Don’t let others define you

I have dyspraxia and with this come many challenges, primarily; organisation and structure. But I don’t let others’ views of me define me, hard as it is sometimes. I battle through and do what I feel called to do.

4. Do research

This may seem a bit unusual, but with the helath service stretched, I feel I need to take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. I am reading about how to keep healthy (see Lady D’s for an excellent blog on health and mental wellbeing) and I read a lot. I feel that it is important to take regular exercise, eat well and I also take vitamin D daily. That is my view. I also spend a lot of time outside and host the clothing bank outside, because that is safe. And so far so good. I have been well over the past few monthgs, which is a rela blessing (apart from falling over which was an unfortunate accident).

5. Relax and rest

I don’t know about everyone else, but I think pandemics are exhausting. There i8s a barrage of negative news hurling itself at us daily and this is psychologically wearing. I think it is relaly important to rest and do little fun things like reading. I have read many books this year and will write a post on that soon. I find just lying down and ‘having a good think’ as I like to call it re-energises me.

Do you have any top tips for surviving the pandemic? Please share.

Today’s recipe of hope is to choose one of the above and put it into practice. And do let me know what you think. Keep safe everybody X

A season of preparation

In the UK another lockdown is imminent it would appear. And so, I wanted to discuss preparing for this. Because we need to prepare for a new season.

I thought I would share how I am preparing. There is a lot of hope in my heart that I will survive, I will not get sick and I am following my own plan and government guidelines also.

I don’t go to shops as much as I can help it. I try to avoid indoor areas as much as possible. I use my clothing bank for clothes and I do without. I will only eat outside if I go to a restaurant (very rarely). I don’t go to pubs. I socialise by walking with friends. I take vitamin D and do as much exercise as I can (walking mainly and I aim for daily). I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and usually have a slad with dinner. And I have a temperature checker too,

And I haven’t had a cold for months, so hopefully this is paying off. I am sharing this not to brag, but simply to share some ideas on how to keep healthy. I am trying to lose weight too and that is my next goal. I want to keep away from the GP, so they can treat seriously ill patients and deal with a possible second wave. I think we all have a personal responsibility to keep as well as we can.

On another level, I have adjusted my thinking regarding life. I enjoy walking in the local area, the occasional treat and lots of new things. I am devouring books ( will share some recent reading in another blog) and really enjoying having time to sort things out a bit more in my personal life. My new normal is fine, because it is a reframed life and still full of loveliness. But the focus has shifted.

I think acceptance is the key to managing expectations. This disease will be around for a while and there is no cure. So the best thing is to plan a way of life to avoid catching Covid. And for those Covid survivors, I think it is getting well again. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your attitude to Covid. And think about how to maintain your optimm health. Ladys D’s has some fabulous blogs on health and keeping well. I recommend that blog highly.

May we all survive this season and dare I say it, enjoy it too X.

Lessons learned in lockdown

Hope is in many senses about growth. If we are human then we will age and we will also hopefully learn and grow in wisdom as we get older. We can learn from our mistakes and then we can embrace new patterns of behaviour and thinking.

I want to share with you some of the important lessons I have learnt in lockdown which may help anyone who is struggling. Although lockdown has eased, we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and that must always be borne in mind.

  1. Material possessions are unimportant. I always placed value on my possessions, however I now value health and family way above these things. Possessions can be replaced, whereas people cannot.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I think things may not be as important as we sometimes feel they are. For example, hoovering can wait a day, clothes shopping isn’t essential, ironing can wait too.
  3. People value conversation. At this point in time I believe we as humans need to support one another more than ever. We are in this together.
  4. Life is precious. I am researching the virus, so I know how it spreads and how to keep myself as safe as possible (in my opinion wearing a mask, avoiding unnecessary trips, avoiding the beach, meeting outside preferably in a garden as much as possible and plenty of hand washing).
  5. Find activities that can be done at home. It is possible we may have a further lockdown if the R rate increases. I am training myself to enjoy being home more. I like writing (check out Reedsy Prompts), blogging and gardening.

Today’s recipe of hope is to create a lockdown safety plan. This can be done with your family. My family regularly discuss how to keep ourselves safe and we do not take unnecessary risks. We have government guidelines, but at the end of the day I think it is important we try to keep ourselves and other humans safe as much as possible.

Keep safe everyone X