Keeping it simple

As life passes, the main theme I keep returning to is simplicity. Pre covid, I wouldn’t say life was complicated, however it was cluttered and busy, with many social occasions, meals out, shopping trips and much activity. Covid marked a watershed for me. Life slowed down and thing that had seemed important suddenly weren’t asContinue reading “Keeping it simple”

Tackling the difficult stuff

Today I wanted to write about how we go about tackling difficult issues in our lives and what we can do about being stuck. I think most of us wrestle with some aspects of life and it is interesting to explore this a bit further. Procrastination is an easy opt out. This essentially means avoidance-avoidingContinue reading “Tackling the difficult stuff”

Keep on learning, keep on changing

As we journey through life, the years pass and seasons change and so do we. As humans, we experience so much in one lifetime, yet life flies by and this happens faster and faster as we get older. Life changes and we grow older and hopefully wiser. Today I wanted to share some thoughts onContinue reading “Keep on learning, keep on changing”

How to act with integrity

There has been an awful lot in the British media recently about the British Prime Minister and lockdown parties, that apparently broke his won lockdown rules. The Metropolitan police have also been under scrutiny, with Cressida Dick resigning from her position, after many high profile scandals involving bad behaviour by police officers. Integrity is aContinue reading “How to act with integrity”

Reframe, reframe, reframe!

I have ben thinking a great deal about the way we complain recently. I feel that sadly society has very much become focussed on what is negative (especially the media). I would love to read news which focuses on positive things rather on what has always gone wrong with the world. So today let’s exploreContinue reading “Reframe, reframe, reframe!”