Examining our motives

Recently I have been reflecting on exclusion and inclusion and thinking about FOMO fear of missing out. So today I wanted to explore this further.

When we enjoy life we want to share it on social media. We show the celebrations, parties, events, holidays and so forth.

But some people are really struggling at the moment, don’t have any money in this cost of living crisis and are barely managing to make ends meet. Or facing other hardships. Is there a way we can support one another and not make each other feel worse about our situations?

I think it comes down to sensitivity. We all want to share our joys and sorrows with friends but if the motive is to make another person feel lesser than or excluded then that is not kindness. It is not always possible to get it right, but thinking about how another person might feel if they are not having the easiest time is a very good starting point.

And if you are struggling and finding it hard to look at other people’s joys, then maybe come away from social media for a while. This gives you the chance to focus on your own life for a while. Social media is a tool not a necessity.

Inviting someone round just to check they are okay is a really helpful thing when someone may be lonely or sad. There is a mental health crisis at the current time in the UK and life is hard for many many people.

I think it is really important to consider our impact upon others. If we are prospering then that is great but perhaps reflect on how we can share this with those who are not having an easy time-maybe just giving to a food bank or charity or doing some volunteer work. And let’s be supportive to friends, particularly those who are struggling. Reach out to them to see how they are getting on.

We can’t always include everyone but let’s be mindful of people who are on their own and also those who may be overlooked. Making someone feel special is a real gift. The opposite-making someone feel excluded or lesser than is unkind and this can very easily happen.

So let’s examine our motives and maybe consider our impact upon those around us. Are we making someone feel included or excluded? Especially family members that we care about-are we giving time to visit or call?

As always comments are most welcome. And a huge welcome to new followers and thanks for reading.


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