Kindness to those who suffer

As I write this I think of those suffering in wars around the globe and also in Turkey and Syria, battling homelessness bereavement and the fear of whta tomorrow may bring.

I have had a break from writing as you may have noticed. I set myself the challenge of writing everyday this year. And some stuff has been very difficult, so I practised what I precah and stopped writing for a while, to be kind to myself. Sometimes we need to just practice self-care, even if it means stopping a project or taking time out.

Suffering is a subject very dear to my heart. I think it isn’t spoken of enough because it will come to us all at some point in some way shape and form. And it really hurts.

So how do we help others who are suffering? I think it is important to be there for them, to listen and just sit maybe over a cup of tea. And be prepared to sit in silence if there are no words. Because sometimes silence is all that can be be said when the pain is too much. There may be tears and anger and many emotions too.

I think suffering also has benefits which may sound like a strange thing to say. It can shape the most beautiful empathic and amazing people, like Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for much of his life.

What I feel very strongly, is that suffering is never wasted. It is a horrible thing to experience, but if harnessed, can produce powerful people who help others. Those who become campaigners for justice, having lost a loved one or who go on to speak in schools, to help children avoid getting into criminality.

I think it is important to speak about such things, to she the burden with our friends and of course to act kindly. To offer that cup of tea or a shoulder if needed. And sometimes a bunch of flowers doesn’t go amiss…

I hope you are all doing okay out there. Thanks so much to all of you for all your sharing and reading and engaging with the blog.


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