What does bullying look like?

This is a word that is often used and we think mainly about school experiences. However in my view, bullying is very much present in the adult world.

What does it look like? If we look at kindness, then kindness makes us feel valued and loved whereas unkindness does not. I am not sure if unkindness is the same as bullying however it is a close cousin that’s for sure.

Because unkindness bruises-unkind words leave an invisible mark on the soul. And a drip drip drip of criticism day after day after day is insidious. Let’s really think about how we treat others, especially those who may not be as capable or clever as we are. I think when saying something negative, we can counteract with a positive, especially in the workplace.

There are various shades of bullying-physical, emotional and verbal. And the tragedy is that bullying can lead to suicide. I think it is very important to remember that when people are feeling bullied then they are being bullied. When people feel lesser than then they feel devalued.

Anyone who is managing others needs to consider how they deliver criticism in a way that doesn’t demean the other person.

I would love your thoughts on this subject-in my view criticism can kill but kindness can save a life.

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