The power of words

I have written about this before, but words are powerful. They make us feel good and negative words make us feel sometimes lesser than.

It is so easy to speak words that are basically platitudes-“how are you?” I am fine. That is pretty meaningless. Words like that are just an exchange with no connectuon.

Words that convey connection are where there is a genuine sharing of something, a to and fro that is on a level. With negative words comes a disconnect. When we feel criticised we withdraw. Negative people are hard to be around, that’s the truth of it. And when people speak about what we are getting wrong over and over we can internalise this.

I think speaking positive words is so important. It can bring life and wholeness and healing to a battered soul. Let us think about how we speak and what we want to achieve by it.

Kind words can really help difficult situations. They can diffuse anger and really help people to reach their best potential. And after a difficult day a word of kindness is like a soothing balm.


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