Being healthy

I am absolutely no expert on health however I am aware that that wonderful old adage we are what we eat is pretty accurate. Obesity as we know through the media is on the rise and so are premature deaths.

Eating ultra processed foods, such as crisps and ice cream is not the best and neither is sugar. Fruit and veg are definitely good and drinking a decent amount of water. When I went shopping today I refused to put any naughty treats in the trolley, because I know I will eat them. I absolutely love crisps, but I am just going to have the odd occasional bag. The self-discipline is a challenge but I think having a mindset of not bringing it into the house really helps.

And that E word-exercise. I find this the hardest to do, but am trying nonetheless to factor it in. I did some skipping yesterday, which was fun

And how do we drastically change our lives? I think more and more the key is this: stop procrastinating and take tiny steps. Even one tiny step per day helps us towards our goal.


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