It’s been hystoric

Greetings bloggers. Yes it admittedly has been a long time since we last spoke and sooo much has happened. A beautiful light has gone out (RIP Queen Elizabeth II) and how is this for a coincidence-I left a job on the day a prime minister resigned and started a new job on the day a new prime minister started in post. Does this mean I am heading for the political stage-definitely not!

Now you may think this title is a typo and you would be wrong. Any guesses why I have used this neologism? Let’s get those comments flowing.

So how are you all getting on? The world is sadly a dark and somewhat dangerous place at the moment, or so it would appear. I believe it is ever more important to let our lights shine brightly and to be truly deeply kind, especially this Winter. This means; sharing our food, putting a little contribution in the food bank at the supermarket and offering support to our neighbours, colleagues and friends.

I am mindful that many are struggling with poverty in the UK and cannot afford to eat or heat their homes. I am using blankets as much as possible and have discovered the fantastic invention that is fleece nighties with hoods.

In these turbulent times, I am focusing on simplicity-simple routines, enjoying nature and friendships and reading and of course walking. I try to eat healthily and exercise and also get enough sleep. Self-care is so important. As is having a nice living space, with some lovely things and memories like photos. We don’t have to be lavish, but it is good to have a nice home.

One major lesson I have learnt over the past year, is the brevity of life and the importance of not being stuck in toxicity. Toxic jobs, relationships and friendships will steal joy, sap energy and are very destructive. Please don’t be stuck-unleash yourself. If you feel stuck, that in my opinion is a warning sign-there is always a way out.

As always, please comment on what I have said. And you are of course most welcome to disagree-not everyone shares the same view.

Thanks for reading-I wish you all a wonderful week -keep hoping forward X



  1. jkaybay says:

    I agree with the importance of not being stuck in toxicity.
    Hope you’re doing well.


    1. Thanks J for your comment. I am doing really well and hope you are doing really good too Hope


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