Keeping it simple

As life passes, the main theme I keep returning to is simplicity. Pre covid, I wouldn’t say life was complicated, however it was cluttered and busy, with many social occasions, meals out, shopping trips and much activity.

Covid marked a watershed for me. Life slowed down and thing that had seemed important suddenly weren’t as important. And a new and simpler life emerged-cheaper and to be frank far less complicated and far less stressful.

And I have maintained this. The most important aspect to me is that I have time to think and to discover reality in a new way. I have learnt that nature is incredibly therapeutic and interacting with nature especially so. Walks around a lake and communion with swans has been healing to my soul. And seeing friends now seems deeper and richer, because I couldn’t do it for so long.

I have realised what I can do without and how living a simple minimalist life is far better than the old life which was so demanding and yet now seems somewhat superficial. I think many of us have changed in the last two years and would be interested to hear from you on this,

Some things I have really discovered are: reading rather than watching a screen, good conversation, walking and thinking time. I have also learnt to give things away and to share things with others-when I have read a book I now pass it on rather than have it in a collection.

In simplicity there is much beauty. It distils thinking, it cleanses the environment and it heals. That is my experience.



  1. I have a reflective writing-for-wellbeing practice called “threes of things” which I use by myself, in pairs, and with groups. I have also started to share it over the airwaves using video-conferencing, yesterday with a new friend living in Rhode Island, USA.

    You can find it here:

    writing exercise: threes of things

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. I will have a look and thank you for letting us know about this excellent resource. X

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