Let’s talk about money

This is currently on a lot of people’s minds and many are anxious and rightly so. I am certainly no expert in this area, but I am learning a lot about how to do things differently and so I thought I would share some tips with you all. Please do share your views and any helpful suggestions are very welcome.

So here goes-some simple things are: maybe wear the same top for two days to cut down on washing. Turn off plugs you aren’t using and don’t over fill the kettle.

Dining out

I have really cut down on going out for meals and often go for a walk when meeting friends or a drink rather than food. This makes it a real treat when you do go out.


And when I go to the local shops, I walk as they are so close by. This saves on petrol. I use my car only when totally necessary.

Use cash when shopping-I take out a lump sum at the start of the month and use this. I also regularly write down what my outgoings are etc. And a budget really helps too. And if you see something you like go away and think about it rather than buy on impulse. And use loyalty cards to save money too.

I also don’t do big food shops, as this is tempting in terms of buying too much and I often end up throwing things. So now it’s little and often. I also regularly check the cupboards to make sure things are getting used up not wasted.

I have also stopped buying new clothes-there are many in my wardrobe already waiting to be worn. And I regularly look through things to see what I may not need anymore, to pass on to someone else.


Selling things is another way of making money-so many helpful sites exist: eBay, Vinted, Facebook marketplace. That way pre-loved things can go to a new home.

I swap books with friends rather than buy new ones. And I try to read the ones I have so I don’t need to buy any. And I don’t have a telly-I read instead and that saves me the licence fee.

There are just a few tips and I hope you find them helpful. I think saving money is often doing the little things-like cutting out takeaway coffee, not buying those lovely trousers that you saw and didn’t need! That took a lot of effort.

Please let me know how you are finding the current economic climate. I wish you all a wonderful weekend X



  1. Vivienne Wimhurst says:

    I love all these money saving tips, they are straightforward and easy but can make a real difference. With the cost of living rising so steeply it’s helpful to have ideas like these which are practical and effective.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you found the tips helpful-I think saving money is about making small changes which add up over time. Thanks for contributing.


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