Reclaiming the F word

Now what on earth is this post about? Well I will keep you guessing for a little while longer. There is a short word whose second letter is u and in my opinion many of us don’t get enough of it. Have you worked it out?


I have been thinking about this for several weeks and a short while ago I realised my work life balance was dreadful and what is more-the harder I worked, the less I seemed to achieve.

Working longer and longer hours doesn’t mean we are more productive. In fact this leaves us stressed and more tired. I am finding that really focussing on tasks and then having relaxation time and doing things to switch off helps me be more productive.

We have all been through a worldwide pandemic and in my view we need to learn what fun looks like. Seeing family or friend, walking, spending time in nature (for those that know me I have a wonderful relationship with some swans who follow me around the lake as I walk).

Other types of sedate fun include; reading, writing a blog, watching a nice film. The most important aspect is obviously enjoyment.

I wanted to write about this topic because many of us feel guilty about relaxation and fun. But we were not designed to simply work and the old saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and I think this is true-we can become very uninteresting if we do not have a life!

So fun loving readers please share some ideas of fun-the crazier the better. And if you haven’t partaken recently then set yourself a goal to just let your hair down and enjoy life. We only get one go at life and fun is such a great aspect of existence.

Love to you all X


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