Keep on learning, keep on changing

As we journey through life, the years pass and seasons change and so do we. As humans, we experience so much in one lifetime, yet life flies by and this happens faster and faster as we get older. Life changes and we grow older and hopefully wiser.

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on learning and growing and making the space to do this. Recently I have been on a journey of simplification and decluttering which I would definitely recommend.

I have in this process abandoned projects that have been planned for over twenty years and never undertaken. I have given myself permission to rehome those things to somewhere else. I have rehomed books that I don’t really want to read and recycled things that were simply old and out of date.

I had previously held onto these things because they were memories but after a while there were too many and it became a burden so now I am enjoying sifting through and sorting out. Life feels more manageable.

I think a major lesson from this experience is that letting go is not losing out. It means as my dear mum told me, making space for the new. And isn’t that a lovely thing.

So, today I challenge you to look at your life and if it is cluttered in any way to maybe start a process of decluttering, whatever that looks like. Lessons in life are sometimes very simple but wonderful and this is one of mine recently.

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