Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing okay. Today I just wanted to do a reflection on the gift of silence and quiet.

In our busy bustling world, many times we can rush from one thing to another, caught up in the melee of it all. And possibly not even taking time to stop.

The beauty of nature is out there for us to enjoy. A quiet walk, a peaceful restful embracing of tranquillity can act like a soothing balm. Just focussing on some aspect of beauty can make a huge difference.

I often walk by a beautiful lake and visit swans. They are so lovely and graceful and really friendly. They interact amazingly with humans, although respect needs to be shown them. This is a joyous gift. The dappled light glinting down through the leaves, the dancing of refracted light on water, is simply beautiful.

And sometimes just sitting quietly and looking out of the window is also a joy and a gift. Silence is golden as the saying goes. In that silent space I commune with God. And for those who don’t have faith, it is a chance to tune in to your inner being and refresh yourself.

I think we all need to stop and take stock. Perhaps use a journal-that can be really helpful.

Please share your thoughts on stillness and silence. I am very interested to hear from you.

Love to you all X

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