Step by step

Today I want to share about stepping forward and also about perseverance and I feel they are somewhat undervalued. So what do I mean by this?

In March I did some fundraising and attempted to walk 300, 000 steps. I did my best and although being honest I didn’t achieve it, what I did learn was about step building upon step towards a goal.

Reaching a goal or climbing a mountain doesn’t come through strides; it comes via steps. And that I feel is the way to approach difficult situations. Many of us are battling at the moment-cost of living increases, covid, general pressures of life.

I think as many of us are heading towards financial hardship, the way to face this is step by step. What can we do without? How can we enjoy life without having more and more things in it? And if in debt how on earth to reduce this- then again small steps; one takeaway coffee less here, one less visit to the chippie there. Gently chipping away every month will reduce the debt over time.

Small steps towards a goal are achievable. In my decluttering efforts I have started small and am slowly slowly rehoming things that I don’t need. It feels kinda nice facing this as I have planned to do this before and never gotten round to it.

And that is where small steps are helpful, because the small grows but also it doesn’t overwhelm.

And I now have 170 followers, who have joined. From 0 followers that is small steps and growth. I am hoping for 200- at one point 100 was an amazing amount. So there is a lovely example of growth a step at a time.

And to close, sometimes we need to take a step backwards or away. We don’t always go forwards, particularly with the extreme battles like addiction. We can go round and round before having a breakthrough and that’s okay. So let us be human and not strive to be perfect. Because in my view vulnerability is far more preferable. Because it is jolly real!

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