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So it’s been a while since I last posted and thanks for your patience. I have been rather busy over past months and I want to thank you for reading the posts and also to welcome all new followers. I am so happy the site has grown and I hope you are enjoying it. All suggestions welcome and comments.

I like to share things in life that I have been learning and one thing that has recently been a major focus is decluttering. As a younger person, I had a vast book collection I prided myself in; often putting them in sections and alphabetical order. I loved my books-they gave me a sense of identity and meaning; I identified with characters and was influenced by the stories.


And now I find myself in a different position. I have started to look at things I have collected over the years and to question-do I need this? Has this book served its purpose? Do I like this ornament?

I recently passed on something that I didn’t love and it went to someone who absolutely loved it. That was such a lesson, because it gave joy to another human.

I had a pile of books on my floor ready to go and I actually thanked them for the joy they had brought me and sent them off to a new home (there is a wonderful re-use project nearby). I had had some of them for years and hadn’t opened them, so what was the point of them sitting there unread?

I think that as we go through life, it is important to ask questions of ourselves. Why do I do this? Why do I have this? Do I need these things?


Being honest, it is easy to procrastinate and accumulate. I would put things in a box sometimes and the box got filled, so I would start another box. I think this behaviour is about avoidance. So now I am tackling those boxes and getting rid of things. And it feels hard but good.

Does anyone relate to this? I think pre covid the world was a different place. There was a lot of emphasis on having the best, looking the best and being super amazing with a fantastic facebook lifestyle.

Now, I think things have shifted. Prices are increasing and with that the struggle to maintain a lifestyle. So much has been reframed-going out for dinner, socialisng, new things, holidays… Life has altered.


So what I am thinking about and now working towards is a simpler lifestyle and a simpler more meaningful existence. Possessions don’t make us happy. They are simply objects that can be replaced. Having objects for years is of course okay, but also maybe they can become a burden rather than a joy. And if they are in storage, then are they entirely necessary?


People are so precious and having them in our lives and having meaningful relationships is incredibly important for us all. I advocate squeezing the maximum meaning from every relationship and experience.

So that is where I am at in my thinking and doing and living. Where are you at? Do you agree with these thoughts?

I wish you all peace and joy as you journey through life X


  1. Kathryn Frost says:

    So true! X


    1. Thank you – I think we are on the same page X

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