Supporting children who have experienced trauma

Today I wanted to share a little about my first published book. I am so thrilled that this has been released.

The book deals with the very difficult subject of domestic abuse and the impact it has upon children. It is written from the perspective that while the situation may not necessarily change, there is always hope. It is also written to support children engaging in therapy.

This book would be ideal for those working with children in foster care, or who have a social worker. It may help them understand and be able to come to terms with the trauma they have been through.

I have spent many years working in social care and have experience of working with vulnerable children.

This book would also be suitable for adults who have experienced trauma. as it offers hope.

The Dream Tree is available at many publishers including Amazon and Waterstones. I hope to publish further books in this series, dealing with complex issues around painful experiences.

Thank you to Austin Macauley, my publishers.


  1. Kathryn Frost says:

    I have brought your book Melody. Whilst I haven’t personally experienced childhood trauma I am interested in the subject abs believe it could be a really helpful resource. My child learns a lot about life transition through reading in a safe space, so thanks for all your hard work in making this book available.

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    1. Thank you for your knd words and insightful comments. I think the point you raise about your child learning about life transition through reading in a safe space is spot on; children need a safe and calming space to think and explore. Thank you for contributing to the blog.


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