Reaching the world through words

I just had a little look at my overall stats and since I started in December 2019, I have had views in 67 countries. My top viewing audience is the United Kingdom and my minimal viewing audience is Croatia. I live in the UK and write in English, so that is not surprising and neither is the USA being in my top three viewing countries. What does surprise me though is that my blog is very popular in India and I really appreciate that, because I have never visited that beautiful country.

I read today about growing a blog through showing we care about our viewers and so I take that on board (thank you to the wonderful blogger Christian Mihai). His blogs are full of wonderful tips and blow my mind.

What strikes me about blogging statistics is that every one means something. I am very proud of having grown my blog to 166 followers and hope to grow it some more. I love writing and the power of wprds and even when a country features on my statistics just one time, like Croatia, I wonder who read the blog and what they thought about it.

Do any other bloggers feel the same? There is something lovely about the stats we get and the insight it gives into our readership. I love how blogging links us through the power of language with many whom we will never meet in reality.

I am always happy to see likes and especially comments, because that shows how others engage with what we write. And I also find it interesting to read views on a particular post. I may be stating the obvious, but the stats I get make me feel connected and I am grateful that the blog is read and appreciated.

So a huge shout out to the Word Press Team for making this all happen and to all my followers and readers and other bloggers. These are some people I want to mention: Christian Mihai who is my blogging hero, Lady D’s who has an excellent blog and who started as a guset blogger on my site, Writing Presence for her beauty of spirit that inspires me and Jeremy Jain Babu who writes words of silk that stroke my soul.

And hello to some countries who have dropped by; I am not sure if you are reading this blog but hello to Croatia, Israel, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, Australia and Ecuador. I have visited Australia, Israel and Italy, but am yet to visit the others I mention.

Do share about your blogging experience. And if you are a follower but do not blog, what do you make of all this? Would you like to write a blog? Maybe 2022 is the time to have a go.


  1. Thank you for the network that you sustain, Hope. Glad to be a knot in the net xxx love from Kathy, with a reminder of what I offer:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathey and I would recommend Kathy’s beautiful mellifluous writing to soothe and inspire X


  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog Melody. Your heart is one in a million. 🥰


    1. My pleasure Helen. You write a lovely blog. I wish you every success with it in 2022 XX


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