Climate Change-A slightly different take

The world has recently gathered in Glasgow to discuss the massively important issue that is climate change and this is to be celebrated. But, as per usual, I like to think about what personal difference I can make on a micro level. Today’s post is about that.

I have been reflecting on climate change in terms of not just the physical climate, but also the emotional climate. With soaring levels of child poverty, it isn’t just footballers like the amazing Marcus Rashford who can make a difference. I think we can all play our part, albeit in a small way.

So how does this work? I had the privilege of running a community clothes bank, throughout the lockdowns and I learnt so much. So not throwing away items we could pas on to a family member, or a neigbhbour, putting old things outside, reusing items for a different purpose, joining a Fcebook group like the clothes/shoes helpline, are a few ideas. And passing old moving boxes to someone who might be about to move is a further suggestion.

There were things in our project (such as tights) that some of my volunteers wanted to throw away and I stopped them. People later took them. One person’s trash truly is another person’s treasure. Let us respect the objects that we no longer wish to own and think creatively how to rehome or reuse them. And let us respect other people’s things and choices around them. I keep things that others may not. I like clothes and I probably do have an excess. But that is my choice.

I also feel we can change the emotional climate around us. There is so much despair from the pandemic, there is a mental health crisis and many many souls are suffering in silent agony. Let us reach out and show a simple act of kindness; make a cake ( I took that idea from a dear friend who I hope may be reading this blog), call someone, say positive words of appreciation, write a letter or a card, buy a gift or flowers.

And in this way, we will create an atmosphere of hope and kindness. I love reading about people who have touched others, like the hero recently who paid for a woman’s shopping, because she let him go ahead of her in the queue. This is an atmosphere of blessing and can change the climate around us.

Let me know what you think. At this point I want to honour Caroline Flack, who advocated kindness. Let us always do our best to be kind, to the planet and to one another X


  1. jkaybay says:

    Yes – there is a taker for virtually everything that we have to offer.
    The key for ourselves is to buy virtually no new stuff.
    And yes, to be a community 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comments. I love the phrase ‘a taker for everything we have to offer’. I agree-stop buying stuff, although I am not always good at that. But I am working on it!


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