Happiness means more not less

I was going to call this ‘what happiness looks like’ and then I started writing a poem in my head and came up with a first line and what I believe to be a far more catchy title anyway.

So what do I mean by this? I was thinking about happiness and what it feels and looks like. I have been through some super difficult days over recent years, as many of you journeying with me may know (a huge thank you to Writing Presence for her amazing blogging empathy). I have posted on some of this, but over recent days and weeks, life has taken on a different colour and hue. So today’s blog is simply to explore that in a bit more detail.

So, happiness looks like this to me: having a home to live in and being at peace with myself and the world. Being able to close off clamour. Walking and thinking. Making frothy hot chocolate. Hearing my whistling kettle sing its song. Friendships strong and connected (you know who you are). Listening to cds (oh yes I still do that). Having wifi connected. Reading crime novels, which I really enjoy; ‘The Woman in the Window’ was hugely compelling. Going to bed early. Getting up early or late. Relaxing, conversations, laughing at the most hilarious radio three composition with my mum (sorry radio 3, but I have never heard anything like it!). Tidying up and finding places for things. Shopping, preparing food and eating it are fun events. Tidying and cleaning have even taken on a new joy which I am surprised by (I particularly recommend Dettol surface wipes for cleaning electric toothbrushes and other small items).

Squeezing every inch of meaning from every day. I am at a point in life where the mundane is in many respects more beautiful than the novel. Structure and order shape my day and I relish this. I used to crave impulse, spontaneity and change. I still enjoy these things, however the power of routine has worked its magic.

I think to truly appreciate happiness, we must have possibly experienced something different, although please correct me if you disagree. I think maybe suffering helps us experience life’s simple pleasures more, providing a contrasting backdrop to when life is less painful. Let me know your thoughts on this please.

So, to resume where we started. Happiness means more in terms of richer experiences, not more possessions. It is simply engaging with life in a more meaningful way and squeezing the maximum juice out of the day. That is what it looks like to me anyway. Love to you all X


  1. Kathryn Frost says:

    This brought me joy X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m pleased it did! XX


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