On writing

I have been thinking about writing recently. Having read ‘The Woman in The Window’ which is beautifully written, I wanted to ask what makes a good writer? Comments welcome please.

For me, the writing should be immersive. I found myself turning page after page because I was pulled in to the world of the narrator (despite having watched the film before reading the book), I would advise against that as it does lessen the surprise of the ending!

Good writing should also, in my opinion, be credible. When something is credible it delivers, even if far fetched. Truth is often stranger than fiction and therefore fiction can pull at the edges of life and fray them. But the world created needs to be well crafted so one can picture oneself there.

And it is good to have interesting characters who intrigue me. Again, Ethan is a fascinating character study as is Anna, in the book cited above. If you have read this, please feel free to comment.

So everyone what are your fave books? Fave characters. My favourite ever novel is ‘Anna Karenina’. It is stunning, expansive and powerfully etched. I love the way Tolstoy highlights the perspectives of Anna and Vronsky.

I will post some more about writing soon. And if you would like to have a bash, check out Reedsy Prompts which offers a great space for short story writers, along with a weekly competition.

Keep writing and reading everyone X

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