Shake those maracas

I have been learning recently about nurturing my inner child. This involve something many adults have forgotten and that is how to play.

Last night I was walking round in a circle, shaking the life out of a tambourine, banging on it occasionally with a maraca that I was also shaking wildly, dressed in a kaftan and singing to a song about tidying up (I never knew tidying up could be such fun.

Play is good for us, in that we need a good balance of work and play in our lives, as the old adage foes. If we are overworked, it is likely that we may be actually quite unproductive.

I will be looking into much more in depth in regard to parenting soon on this blog, as I am very interested in child psychology. But one thing I know is that if our inner child is unhappy, our external adult will sure be.

Some adults may not know how to play and this is a shame. How can we rectify this? Here are a few suggestions

  1. Find a friend to play some games with
  2. Go to the park with your child/nephew niece and go on the swings
  3. Dance wildly around the room to some music
  4. Play a musical instrument (doesn’t have to be tuneful)

I feel it is so important to give ourselves space to enjoy life. Life is so short and if there is a balance it affects our wellbeing.

Please let me know your suggestions on adult play(the crazier the better). There is nothing wrong with playing with toys by the way (it can be therapeutic).

Enjoy your day everyone X

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