When dreams come true

I wanted to share a few thoughts about this. The old adage about may your dreams come true always has a future connotation, but what does it look like when they do?

I always wanted to be a published author and now I am. ‘The Dream Tree’ is in print thanks to Austin Macauley publishers and I am a bit overwhelmed to be honest. I am shocked that this has happened. I am a little incredulous. Probably because I never imagined it would happen.

I think for some of us dreams coming true may not be celebrated because we cannot believe it. But it should be. For those who haven’t had the easiest path, we may not always celebrate our achievements and may even downplay them somewhat (anyone on the same page?) And maybe we are just used to things not quite working out in the way we imagined.

I wanted to write this to encourage us all to celebrate our successes. Does anyone have anything they are proud of-please share. Do you have a long cherished dream that is about to come true. How does it feel? I wonder sometimes if we reach our goal, do we then lose something precious? Is it all about the process rather than the end? These are just musings so please feel free to disagree. I would welcome your thoughts.

And if anyone would like to review my book, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for following this blog. I really appreciate your support. X


  1. Congratulations Melody, exciting news 👏👏xx

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    1. Thank you Helen. I am a bit blown away with it XX

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      1. You deserve it. You are a talented writer. x

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      2. Thank you very much for your kind words x


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