March into April

Today is April fools day. And I don’t want to play any tricks or tease you at all. I am amazed I managed to write almost every day last year; this year has been really busy as my work has been very full on. So I don’t write as much. I hope you enjoy the previous posts and the hope recipes have kept you going.

Sometimes life does not turn out as we expect and my lessons for this year are that we sometimes need to face head on the darkest and worst aspects of ourselves and deal with these. I have started to do this; face my most hidden places and tackle them.

In a pandemic, vulnerability is everywhere. People’s pain is spilling over; I see so many people ready to cry and also wanting the support of a listening ear. I work in the community and many are in hardship, However many are also offering great support and generosity to others.

As things ease slightly in the UK, I wonder how we will be in the ‘new normal’. My feeling is that we will all be different and hopefully much less self focussed, more community minded.

So my Easter thoughts are that as we head towards the Summer and sunshine, we are mindful of the sacrifices made by many and we take stock. Take stock and time to reflect on what is important. And be authentic and true to ourselves.

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