Hope lies in us

Child poverty in the UK is significant. There are currently 4.3 million children living in poverty in our nation. So what can we do?

I started the journey of hope thinking about myself and almost a year later I am led to feel and carry hope for others. Because when there is darkness, there is also light. And when there is poverty there is also abundance. The Message tells us:

The community where I live (Thanet), has Kent’s highest rates of child poverty – with more than half of Newington’s under 18s living below the breadline. … The data for 2017/18, compiled by Loughborough University on behalf of coalition End Child Poverty, says 35% of children on the isle live below the poverty…14 Oct 2020

This is all rather bleak. However as I said earlier, there is an antidote which is hope. Running up to Christmas I want to celebrate the hope that is transformative. So today let’s celebrate.

There is a lovely professional gentleman who regularly supplies baby milk. Another woman who sent clothes to someone she had never met. A lady in her 70’s who offers her time and petrol to collect and deliver items donated to our community project. Two friends who gathered numerous items of clothing and drove miles to deliver it. Others who offer their time to telephone people who are feeling lonely and isolated. and countless kind people who have donated toys and beautiful items for children who otherwise probably wouldn’t have anything.

This adds up. This builds up. This is a hope tapestry, rebuilding a community smashed by a pandemic. This is beautiful.

Today’s recipe of hope is to think about child poverty and please do something about it. Even one tiny action has a ripple effect and if all of us act then things will change and our children will have a brighter future. Let’s be the hope carriers for them X


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