A season of preparation

In the UK another lockdown is imminent it would appear. And so, I wanted to discuss preparing for this. Because we need to prepare for a new season.

I thought I would share how I am preparing. There is a lot of hope in my heart that I will survive, I will not get sick and I am following my own plan and government guidelines also.

I don’t go to shops as much as I can help it. I try to avoid indoor areas as much as possible. I use my clothing bank for clothes and I do without. I will only eat outside if I go to a restaurant (very rarely). I don’t go to pubs. I socialise by walking with friends. I take vitamin D and do as much exercise as I can (walking mainly and I aim for daily). I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and usually have a slad with dinner. And I have a temperature checker too,

And I haven’t had a cold for months, so hopefully this is paying off. I am sharing this not to brag, but simply to share some ideas on how to keep healthy. I am trying to lose weight too and that is my next goal. I want to keep away from the GP, so they can treat seriously ill patients and deal with a possible second wave. I think we all have a personal responsibility to keep as well as we can.

On another level, I have adjusted my thinking regarding life. I enjoy walking in the local area, the occasional treat and lots of new things. I am devouring books ( will share some recent reading in another blog) and really enjoying having time to sort things out a bit more in my personal life. My new normal is fine, because it is a reframed life and still full of loveliness. But the focus has shifted.

I think acceptance is the key to managing expectations. This disease will be around for a while and there is no cure. So the best thing is to plan a way of life to avoid catching Covid. And for those Covid survivors, I think it is getting well again. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider your attitude to Covid. And think about how to maintain your optimm health. Ladys D’s has some fabulous blogs on health and keeping well. I recommend that blog highly.

May we all survive this season and dare I say it, enjoy it too X.

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