Aural detoxification

Today’s title comes from an article describing a fascinating programme produced a decade ago, where people spent time with themselves. The piece, written in The Independent, Tuesday 12 October 2010 edition, states:

‘Silence is golden, as The Tremeloes sang – but is it, in fact, much rarer than gold? It certainly felt that way on the way to work this morning as I tried to negotiate with an estate agent on my mobile, while holding a call from my wife and blocking the noise of London rush-hour traffic. What is this epidemic of busyness and noise doing to our bodies and souls?’

Sometimes we just need to be alone with ourselves, in order to reorient and reinvigorate our hope stock. Because, as Abbott Christopher Jamison, of Worth Abbey West Sussex states: ” if we spend times in silence we bump into our very deepest selves.”

Hope whispers to us in the golden silence. Hope is restored and peace returns. We can reflect and replenish. We can enjoy our own company. We can face our demons and our fears, grieve our sadnesses and set out future goals. We can be inspired.

There is a wonderful passage in the Bible from Ecclesiastes 3:7, which informs there is ‘ a time to be silent and a time to speak‘. Sometimes healing comes in being silent and alone.

Today’s recipe of hope is a challenge to turn off the phone and spend some ‘me time’. If you are exceptionally busy, then maybe carve out space in your diary. You can just take a peaceful walk. Talk to yourself and listen to your inner voice.

May we all get to know ourselves in a deeper way and grow ever more hopeful as a result X (accessed 29/08/2020). (accessed 29/08/2020).


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