Sing together

I think the power of words creates hope; that is why I write a daily blog. Words are beautiful and uplifting. And so is singing, singing together.

Today I attended a weekly Zoom choir, run by my brother. It is for people mainly in residential care. a few of us attend. I don’t know any of the other people in the choir, other than through our Zoom meeting. However I am getting to know people by seeing their faces.

Today one of the homes which come to the choir had a couple of people wearing a blue and a pink wig, playing air guitar and drumming with drum sticks. This made me smile. They sway, dance and sing their hearts out. Our choir lifts all of our spirits. We can’t even hear the singing, as we are all muted. But the sheer enjoyment of those taking part is tangible.

Zoom choirs are fabulous. We cannot meet and sing, but we can do this. And we can sing at home. Singing is a wonderful; medium to invigorate and encourage us. And singing along to the radio in the care is another thing I love to do.

Life has become simpler for many of us. Things are far less easy to do than they were. But singing is free and lovely. And it can make us and others smile.

Today’s recipe of hope is to consider taking part in a choir, or just enjoying singing on your own. If you are musical, consider doing a Zoom choir or recording something. Singing is a wonderful free gift to share.

Enjoy the joy of song X

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