Hope is everywhere

I started my hope adventure way back in the Winter months and now it is August. I have been writing about hope for eight months now and consider myself somewhat of an expert on what Hope looks like. That being said, I don’t always feel hopeful, however that does not matter because my feelings won’t change Hope, because she is everywhere.

In the midst of Covid, Hope is there. She is reflected in octogenarian’s raising millions of pounds through walking on a zimmer frame, hospitals clapping amazing patients who have looked death in the face and defeated it, refuse collectors keeping our streets clean, teachers teaching key workers’ children and people wearing masks to keep others safe. Hope is everywhere.

Hope is in every day, every minute of each day. Hope is when you wake up and feel positive about going to give away free food items and clothing. Hope is when people sit by the bedside of an ill child and will them to get better. Hope is battling cancer, battling PTSD or other trauma.

Hope is taking daily walks and talks, hope is in a smile, laughter, a twinkle in the eye. Hope looks like a new born baby, a puppy, a kitten. Hope is beautiful and real. Hope is in nature, inside and outside.

Hope wonders at life, is curious, asks questions. Hope is courageous and fights on against the odds. Hope is the UK, South Africa, India, US, Australia. Hope is everywhere, in everything.

Today’s recipe of hope is to write about hope. Your own recipe of hope. What Hope has given you, how you view her and please share with us.

Hope is alive. She looks like me and you X


  1. Vivienne Wimhurst says:

    Very encouraging words at a difficult time for everyone across the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind comments x


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