Good Friday 2017-Stories from the streets

Giving a voice to the voiceless

Myself (Hope), my mum and Sue

We went to our local area. First we met Sid who was outside the Baptist church. He had laid all his clothes out and was transferring them from his suitcase into a lovely rucksack he had been given. Sid took a ‘To Kill a Mockingbird book’ and some socks. Later he asked for some food for his dog. We bought a can. We also gave him some water.

We then met Mark who also had a dog. Mark’s eyes literally lit up when we gave him the Easter egg. He said that he hadn’t had one for years. He didn’t want a book, as he already had one.

We then drove to look for more people. We met Steve in a doorway who we also saw at New Year. He now has a tent but people have found out where this is, so he is going to move. He said he had tried to volunteer in a charity shop but when he told them his address was care of the local Job Centre, they weren’t interested. He took an Easter egg and a calendar showing beautiful pictures of England and said this brought back memories. He also accepted a wind up radio and some poems. He said he still had the card I gave him. He said someone had stolen medication from him.

It was encouraging that there were only three men this time. I went to look in another town, but couldn’t find anyone there.

All three men accepted a prayer of blessing. The message from the streets is that people don’t just want a sandwich, or money thrown at them. They have a physical and spiritual hunger and long for more than their current circumstances.


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