Stories from the streets 1

Stories from the streets giving a voice to the voiceless. Details have been changed to protect people’s identity.

New Year 2016

The aim was to go to the streets and offer some hope for those who would feel the least hopeful. Mum and I went to the seafront. We took some doughnuts. We started off meeting Steve, who had aspirations for a job. He wanted to work with a local agency supporting the pavement dwellers. He wasn’t in the Winter shelter. He suffered from depression and had left a domestic abuse relationship and come miles away from his family.

I had felt to take postcards out with me. Steve took a beautiful picture of the Dolomites for the wall of hi shop home. When we returned he had put it on the back of his shopping trolley. Rubbish is not rubbish to someone who has nothing.

We met one man just passing who took a luminous jacket my dad had donated.

We also met Jason who took a ‘Word For Today’ magazine. He has a faith and attends a local church. Every single one of the seven people we saw received a prayer of blessing.

We then met Siobhan and her son Timothy. Siobhan was terrified of being raped. Timothy was searching for cardboard for his mum. Siobhan said it is so hard for women and she had been propositioned the previous evening to sell sex. She was so anxious and frightened.

Sheree and Sean were also in this group, near the benches. Sheree looked very attractive; Sean took some gloves and some poems.

We met seven people-five men and two women


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