Felicity’s finest hour

One day a new fairy arrived in District Lullaby. He was very strong and could boast of many teeth he had collected over many years. Jay made all the fairies laugh so much that their wings would shake and spray iridescent dust until the flowers shone extra brightly.

Felicity found Jay funny too. But there was something that bothered her – something that she didn’t understand.Felicity noticed that whenever Jay came into the fairy work room, all the fairies would gather round him and the atmosphere would be much more fun, however after a little while Felicity found that she was quite left out. Although she tried to join in, the other fairies would not seem interested in what she had to say.

Felicity felt saddened by this. She always made an effort to include the other fairies and noticed if anyone was excluded in any way.

As the weeks went by, the team seemed to gather around Jay more and more and one day Felicity noticed no one really even spoke to her anymore. This really upset her. And then she came into the Fairy Office and her sparkle chair had been moved.

Felicity decided to take action. She went to speak to Fairy Godmother. Fairy godmother listened carefully and attentively to her.

At the end, she asked Felicity what she wanted to happen. Felicity thought long and hard about all the recent events.

Finally, she said-“Fairy godmother, I think I have been in District Lullaby long time. I think maybe the mean behaviour I have seen recently means two things-one-I have been bullied and two- it is time for this to stop”.

“Well done, dear Felicity, said Fairy godmother. I have been watching how you have been dealing with all the bullying. It simply isn’t acceptable. I wanted you to learn to speak out though because no one else can do it for you”.

“I think dear Fairy Godmother, I want to go to another tooth team, said Felicity after much reflection”.

“I was thinking the same thing, said Fairy Godmother. I will arrange this. And dear Felicity, because you have done so many good ideas; I’m promoting you. You will be in charge of the team in District Sweet dreams. It will be a lovely fresh start for you. “Thank you said Felicity”, brimming with excitement, thank you. “That’s okay”, said Fairy Godmother.

Now I am sure you are all wondering what happened to Jay. Well, the most popular fairies aren’t always the best. One day, the Fairy Monitor came to check on Jay’s team. The team had been well below their tooth collection quota for the previous two weeks.

When Jay walked into the Tooth Collection Room, he faced the tooth monitor with his usual cheeky smile. However he was greeted with a stern face.

“So Jay, how are you?,” said the Fairy Monitor. “Great thank you”, replied Jay. “How are you?”

The Tooth Monitor told Jay that he had been disrupting the other fairies and children had been waiting days, sometimes even a week, until their teeth were collected.

“You are very popular Jay,” said the Tooth Monitor, but it comes at a high price. You have upset some of the fairies and also many teeth have not been collected”.

Jay looked down. “You find it fun to disrupt the fairies, Jay. But, at the end of the day, team work is about including everyone, not pushing people to the outside. I need to teach you a lesson Jay. I have promoted Felicity and you are going to work in her team. She is fair and will show you how to be a kind fairy.

Jay snapped “I don’t like Felicity”. She is too serious and hardworking.

“Exactly Jay”, said Fairy Godmother. “You have lost your fairy values. You need to re-train and you will join Felicity’s team. You will start next week”.

So Jay went to learn his lesson and Felicity taught him well.


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