Felicity the toothless fairy

Felicity was looking forward to starting her new role. She was now a fully qualified tooth fairy.

‘Reporting for duty’ said Felicity in an enthusiastic tone.

Fairy Godmother smiled. ‘I am really looking forward to having you on team sparkle.

‘Thank you’ said Felicity.

‘Now I will just explain the weekly rota’ said Fairy Godmother. ‘We aim to collect teeth the night they are put under the pillow or at least the following night’. We track this and compete against the other two teams in District Lullaby. We need to ensure children are not disappointed, so we must aim for this. As you are aware Felicity, this is a statutory duty for a tooth fairy,

Felicity was so excited about her new job. She had her golden coins in her apron, she had a map of the area and she had her photo id so that she could enter the tooth room where her teeth would be counted and recorded before being turned into fairy dust which gave fairyland its beautiful iridescent air. The airsmelt like roses, which are of course, a fairies favourite flower.

‘All the best Felicity’ said Fairy Godmother. Felicity was given her schedule by her team leader George and then she flew to the first house in Lullaby District, She flew under the crack in the window and then went straight to the bed, she felt under the pillow and there was a gleaming white tooth. She picked it up and put it in her apron pocket and placed a golden coin under the pillow in its place.

Felicity felt proud and pleased. She left the house and looked at her map. ‘Fourteen to go’, she said to herself, and off she flew.

The next house was about ten minutes away.  There was a welcoming full moon, so Felicity’s flight path was clearly lit. Felicity went to the next house and again flew under the crack. When she got to the bed the girl turned over and her hand brushed against Felicity, causing her to go into a spin. However she collected the tooth and then went on her way.

              The evening flew by. Felicity’s apron was bulging as she collected her final tooth. She felt a wonderful sense of achievement. Felicity looked at her map and then out of the corner of her eye she spotted a house at the end of her allocated road, which was not on her list. She saw the tooth collection sign shining over the roof, which meant there was a tooth waiting. She thought that she had seen that house on the other team, Pearly’s list.

              I would so impress Fairy Godmother if I could get one extra tooth Felicity though. So she decided to show some initiative and in she flew.

            She was panting by this point and tugged the tooth from under the pillow and popped it in her brimming apron. At that moment, she heard a strange noise like a rustling and then a rattling. She looked down and her apron had burst open with all the weight in it.

            Felicity gasped as the teeth tumbled down like pieces of sharp thistledown. ‘Oh dear, oh dear, I knew I wasn’t good enough like Jodie Fairy, she’s perfect’.

            Felicity started to cry and as she did so Elaine sat up. Elaine’s tousled hair fell around her beautiful face. Her hazel green eyes twinkled. She smiled a smile vast as her dreams. ‘I see you and now I believe’ she said.

            Felicity flew back to the tooth building in trepidation. Her apron was ripped, her hair was bedraggled and her eyes were red from crying. She felt so ashamed.

            When she entered the tooth collection office, the first person she met was Jodie, who looked even neater and smarter than usual.

            ‘Felicity Fairy wants to see you in her office now’ said Jodie. Felicity imagined the worst and felt that she was in terrible trouble. After today I won’t be a tooth fairy anymore she thought.

            Felicity knocked on Fairy Godmother’s door. There was no answer. She had knocked as lightly as a feather falling and no one could have heard this. She knocked a little louder:

            ‘Come in’ said Fairy Godmother.

            Felicity crept in with her head down. Immediately she started to tremble and sob. Fairy Godmother came towards her and embraced her, stroking her hair.

            ‘There there dear, it’s okay. I know what happened’

            ‘I am so sorry,’ sobbed Felicity. I know that I failed and it was only my first collection visit.

            ‘Far from it’ smiled Fairy Godmother with a twinke in her eye. You made Elaine see that tooth fairies are real and now she believes again. And so my dear Felicity I want to give you this.

            Fairy Godmother took put a bright shining golden medal. This is for doing something outstanding/ She pinned it to Felicity’s somewhat bedraggled dress. Felicity you did a good job today. It doesn’t matter about what happened with the teeth. The other fairies helped to collect them so they are all safe.

            Felicity was overjoyed. She felt so pleased and had learnt a big lesson today that sometimes things turn out very differently from how we think or imagine.


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