Journey into hope day 7

I am going to visit the Port Macquarie koala hospital tomorrow. I am feeling excited about fulfilling a dream.

I have asked myself why I feel so connected to these furry ones. Perhaps it is their vulnerability, because they only eat eucalyptus and they cannot run. They are also very endearing. I feel very connected to nature in Australia, far more than in the UK. I am staying in Gosford this evening and have met another beautiful dog named Cooper, with crème caramel fur, who is a Pomeranian crossed with a maltese. Everywhere I go there are beautiful dogs who seem to welcome humans with open paws.

The fires continue to absorb my thoughts. The weather is slightly cooler, but they still rage on. Public support has been amazing. The government has now donated money so hope seems to be hitting Australia in the midst of pain.

Last night I watched a hilarious programme on You Tube featuring the comic genius Victor Borge. It was good to laugh, especially in the midst of tragedy. Laughter is restorative and in my opinion fuels hope.

I love discovering new programmes. I have also recently discovered the joy of pod casts. The pod cast on hope by Melvyn Bragg has reframed my thinking.

Away from it all, I have begun to consider whether one can live one’s life without being encumbered by too much baggage. More of that to follow.

Today as I travel hope comprises excitement, humour, adventure and a desire to connect with an animal I love.


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